“This is an extraordinary school run by some extraordinary dedicated persons. Not only are students given education, their skills are refined in other activities like singing, dancing etc. I wish them all the best.”
Shri Siddharth Mahajan

“Children look very confident and full of hope. I am very happy to see the arrangements. Wishing Good luck and blessings.”
Mrs. Rainu Singh
Commisioner Disabilities,
(Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur)

It was the most heart warming experience. The high standards, confidence of students. Their capabilities are far better than their fortunate siblings in the main stream. I am proud of the founders & salute their dedication. God bless the children & their teachers & support them. Many Many smiles and prosper always.Dr. Preetam Yashwant,

“Today on 17th Jan 2009, I commissioner for disabled person for Rajasthan have visited the institution and highly impressed by the management and facilities being provided to the children with disabilities. I wish all success in their mission”
Shri Khilli Mal Jain
Commissioner for disabled person

“God has not given eyes to some unfortunate people and by doing so it has deprived them from watching the beauty of this world. But I am very thankful that I have got the opportunity to see the victory of self confident over disability of these blind students. Students taking part and winning medals in various activities not only shows their hard work and confidence but also the hard work done by the teachers giving them training with full dedication . Everybody deserves compliments. My heartiest congratulation on the eve of Republic Day.”
Justice Prakash Tatia
Judge, Rajasthan High Court Jodhpur

“This institute has been developed with great vision of kindness and has got nourishment with high morale & values. Heartiest congratulation to its Chairperson Ms. Sushila Bohra and all the other staff officers from my core of heart . My wife Kamla and I am feeling proud after meeting the blind children of this school. We hope for the continuous development of this institute which is fully devoted in service of mankind.”
Former High Commissioner , United Kingdom

“The work for blind students which has been done by Netraheen Vikas Sansthan is very commendable . Students of this institute has earned name and fame not only in India but also world wide. I pray to the God for the bright future of these talented students.”
Mohan Meghwal . Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA ),
Soorsagar Constituency , Jodhpur

“This is my good fortune that I have got opportunity to attend the inaugural function of Naresh Jain Braille Lab . Lots of thanks to Mr.Shantilal Thakkar (NRI) for his contribution. Blind students will be able to improve their ability in the field of computer with the help of this lab. Welfare work for blinds done by Mrs. Sushila Bohra and her team is highly appreciated. Such persons are role model for society. I am very pleased to see the activities of this institution. Lots of congratulations.”
Lokesh Shekhawat
Vice Chancellor , Jodhpur University

“Today on occasion of closing of social welfare week, I got an opportunity to visit Netraheen Vikas Sansthan. The institute is doing excellent work in education and training of blind students. They have excellent infrastructure for training and education of blind students and also have a team of dedicated, committed and professionally sound teachers serving the blind for making them self dependent. Mrs. Sushila Bohra who is founder chairperson of the organization needs to be congratulated and appreciated for the efforts she has put in, for bringing up such an excellent and unique institution. I wish her all the success in her future endeavors for further development of the institute. Indeed excellent efforts.”
Naresh Pal Gangwar, IAS , Collector of Jodhpur

“The inmates of this outstanding institute are models for normal human beings as they have right values, right vision and right education. God bless them.”
Dinaz Delwadavala, Rotary Club of Bombay North

“It is indeed a important day for me to have visited this Institution. The temples in our society are there where we have idols of Gods, but here we see living Gods and serving them is nothing less than serving God. I only can say that this organization will grow in future and I wish the best.”

Director ,ICRS, Jodhpur
“An extraordinary place, which every sensitive person must see. The Institution exhibits the Possibilities of human brain despite vital destination in terms of eyesight. But I wonder of the educational pattern in relevant to these highly sensitive and innovative young people. I will return again to the school to recharge myself. A great source of inspiration this place indeed.”
Rajat Mishra, IAS , Collector, Jodhpur

“Thank you so much for this Unforgettable experience. The Children are talented, well behaved and inspiring. When we return to Australia we will show other schools what you are doing which is Amazing and set up an exchange program. I will always remember this day.”
Nicola Steonberg, Australia

“I am very glad to have meet Inder Raj Sharma (Management Person, NVS) and that we have been kind enough to show us the Jodhpur Residential School for Blind. The level of tuition is very high and as a musician I was very impressed with Reva Ram (Student, NVS). He has real musical talent. His teacher has obviously done an excellent job. A very rich meaningful experience for both of us.”
Kirk Hume, Sydeny, Australia

“Good work done. My good wishes”
G.S.Sandhu , IAS, Secretary, Social welfare, Rajasthan

“Blind School, organized by Netraheen Vikas Sansthan, is working well. This institute working is excellent in the field of education, cultural and professional for the blind students. I am very impressed with this institute. I congratulate all those people who are involved with this institute.”
Chandra Mohan Meena, IAS, Collector ,Jodhpur

“I got the opportunity to visit this institute on the occasion of world handicap day. I am very impressed with dedication of students as well as organizers. With the help of donors and State Government aid the school is doing well. All the best from myself and my wife. We will also try to involve in the efforts of this Institute.”
Inspector General, BSF, Rajasthan and Gujrat Border

“Thank you so much for showing us your wonderful school. The singing was great and we admire all the students very much. The talent and skill of all the students in computers, music, song, academics and sports must be the pride of not only Jodhpur and Rajasthan but of all India. Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon of music, conversation, seeing Braille technology and courtesy. Thank for the hospitality and for the tour forever we will remember with amazement forever.”
Lamen Margh, Emma Aller & Shula Wanen, Virginia, USA

“Visited the school today it was really an eye opener for me. Children with blindness can also do all kind of activities which a normal child can do. The children have displayed their skills with courage . They are really the children to God. They are blessed ones. I wish them all the success and also wish they achieve all their ambitions in life. We all must do at least a little to enable these children achieve their dreams.”
Dr. R. Venkateswaran, IAS ,Collector Jodhpur,

“I am feeling very good to visit Netraheen Vikas Sansthan. The working capacity and talent of the students are praise worthy. All the credit goes to Mrs. Sushila Bohra and her team members. It is the original worship, service and patriotism. My lot of congratulations and wishes to them.”
Varun Arya, Director, Aravali Management Institute.

“Indeed it’s a great experience to visit this institute. This is not the first time I am visiting but whenever I have visited, I found something new in the institute. I think credit goes to Mrs. Sushila Bohra and her team. My compliments to entire team. I always like to visit this institute whenever I come to Jodhpur.”
Rakesh Mehta ,Chairman
Mehta Equities Ltd. Member Bombay Stock Exchange
“An example of total dedication and selfless services for blind and deaf & mute students. This is an institution which everyone should visit to see how the needs of SAPs. Can be taken care of. Hats off to Smt. Sushila Bohra ji.”
Sh. Ravi Jain
Director Social Justice and Empowerment

“Thank you very much for this interesting and delightful visit. All goup members enjoyed it rally much! You have a very good school with excellent teachers and students. We wish you all the best!”
Laura Knitter
Teck str.,Germany

“It was a great Pleasure to visit the institution and interact with children. We at SBBJ are proud to be associated with the institution. Thanks”
Mr. Ravi

“It was a privilege to meet and interact with young & bright talented young people. I need to visit again to spend more time with the students and learn from them. My congratulations to the Sansthan & Sushila Bohra ji for the great work.”
Mr. Bishnu,
DM, Jodhpur

“The Institute is doing excellent & remarkable work for the development of differently abled kids & students. I wish every success to them”
Sh.Ratan Lahoti,
Divisional Commissioner, Jodhpur

“Here, I am in this institute, some different kind of energy is inferred. You feel humbled & encourage to do more & more good to the society. Hats off to the people like Sh. Bhagwan Singh ji, Parihar, Smt. Sushila ji Bohra and their entire team, Teachers and staff.”
Justice Vineet Kothari,
Judge, Rajasthan High Court